TNT Results

TNT Championship Results: 9/5/17

1st Place – Jerry Locke – 8.84lbs

2nd Place – Kaleb Hardy – 8.58lbs

3rd Place – Jim Brack – 5.14lbs


This concludes the Tuesday Night Tournaments on Lake Athens for 2017.  On behalf of the Athens Bass Club, we would like to thank everyone for coming and fishing with us.  And a big thanks to all of the Athens Bass Club staff that have made this such a huge success over the years.  See you in March!


2017 Tuesday Night Tournaments   
Championship Qualifiers as of: 8/28/17
** = Tournament Winner; (AQ) = Already Qualified
NameDate QualifiedWeightLength
Jerry Locke**3/7/20178.2723.00
Danny Langley**3/14/20176.1923.25
Tommy Hale**3/28/20175.9523.50
Jerry Locke** (AQ)4/4/20176.0922.75
Chase Calloway**4/11/20176.3823.00
Jerry Locke** (AQ)4/25/20179.1225.50
Shawn Brown4/25/20175.1222.50
Shawn Brown (AQ)5/2/20176.9923.50
Wallace Langley5/2/20176.3022.25
Jason Walker5/2/20176.9622.50
Kevin Henning**5/16/20179.2025.00
Leslie Clakley5/16/20176.1522.00
Chase Calloway** (AQ)5/23/20177.2324.00
Michael Rehea**5/30/20177.5323.00
Russell McClandon5/30/20177.3024.25
Albin ??5/30/20175.8422.25
Reagan Nelson**6/6/20177.4423.25
Jim Brack6/6/20176.5722.75
Jay Reedy**6/27/20176.9324.00
Woody Matchenbaker6/27/20176.2224.00
Reagan Nelson (AQ)6/27/20175.8522.00
No Tournament7/4/20170.000.00
Drew Fitzgerald**7/11/20176.4823.25
Robert Baxter7/11/20175.4522.25
Levi Martin7/11/20175.0022.50
Glenn Martin**7/18/20175.0523.00
Chase Calloway** (AQ)7/25/20177.5222.75
Wallace Langley (AQ)7/25/20175.6423.50
Levi Martin** (AQ)8/1/20177.4823.00
Steve Baser**8/8/20179.2926.00
Glenn Martin (AQ)8/8/20176.4522.25
Roy Patterson**8/15/20175.6722.75
Bradley Miller8/15/20175.1722.25
Kaleb Hardy**8/22/20177.3924.00
Randy Mack8/22/20176.5024.50
Stephen Bingham8/22/20176.0423.50